Memristors make it to the blogosphere

The recent news from HP labs has created a stir amongst indie reporters in the blogosphere. Popularizing science is always a double edged sword but there are some interesting responses. Over at Make, the ultrahip DIY electronics resource for hobbyists, they wonder when they will be in stock. Slashdot seems to go off on the human brain angle, and of course wired takes the gadget angle. Have to see what it all washes out to.

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One Response to “Memristors make it to the blogosphere”

  1. Graymadder

    I built a project back in 2000 called “infinity holes” that was on display in a town in Louisiana. It used a bit that stores a theoretical infinity of possible numbers. I used 16 numbers for my example. The capability is all in the support circuits. This Memristor thing is not new, it is just smaller. –GrayMadder

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