HP Touts 3nM Memristor Fabrication Milestones

chip The HP Information & Quantum Systems Lab, under Director Stan Williams, is apparently testing an early round of sample memristor memory devices at an unnamed semiconductor fabrication facility. The first test sample memristor arrays are being built onto 300-millimeter silicon wafers, and they have stated its 3 years to the commercial market.

However, its well to point out that several material properties of the titanium metal oxides the fabs are built on are not clear in terms of stability and long term reliability, and the complexity of yield v. error ratios when layering lithography masks (from building the memristors onto underlying silicon transistor power fields) is not well documented…

Still, relative to the various types of phase-change memory being underwritten by I.B.M., Intel, and other big memory players, its a great thing that the research lab systems of big business can still come through with some entrepreneurial vigor, and internal fears of marketplaces, change, regulation, competition, or who knows what else, dont keep them from continuing to fund projects all the way through to fabrication.

Now, if only the American Auto Industry had thought that way 10 years ago…. wheres our flying solar cars already?

american auto industry

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