Bayesian NAND gates: Lyric Semiconductors Probability Processor

transistor The analog, threshold, and probabilistic computing event horizon inches ever closer to market… Lyric Semiconductor has released their “LECâ„¢ for Flash Memory” [link]. Along with their other probabilistic focused processing products, they’re at the forefront of implementing an important layer for future memristor based circuits. As probabilistic math gets implemented in more products like these at the engineering level, its hopeful that, just as specialized GPU’s drove graphic capabilities, probabilistic programming will finally get its due. The probabilistic programming paradigm also relies on a different set of tools, languages and compilers, unfortunately: Lyric has their own PSBL (Probability Synthesis for Bayesian Logic), but until a standard, rigourous and deep language emerges (ala [church] and others) its going to look like the hodgepodge of DirectX vs. OpenGl vs. all-the-other-dead-standards. Heres crossing the 5000 fingers of Dr. T, and hoping for one outcome.

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