Fujitsu works on Nickel Oxide low power ReRAM

transistor Fujitsu announced at the International Electron Devices Meeting that they have recently added titanium to their nickel oxide ReRam (resistive random access memory), and detailed the low power consumption improvements over standard transistance:

Conventionally, ReRAM devices have been formed from nickel oxide (NiO) films. In Fujitsu Labs new ReRAM, a NiO film doped with titanium (Ti:NiO) was developed, and its performance was evaluated in combination with a transistor. As a result, voltage can be increased for memory erasures, and operations require only 5ns, approximately 10,000 times faster than in the past. At the same time, fluctuations in resistance value have been reduced to one-tenth (1/10th). Furthermore, by optimizing the voltage applied to the transistor, current required for an erase operation is reduced to 100 micro-amperes or less. [fujitsu]

Even with companies like Hewlett Packard, Hynix, IBM, and Samsung also working in the area, some of the more difficult problems may force the tech out at least ten years to any viable fabrication. Also, flash memory itself, (not to mention software tooling) still has a ways to go before it becomes relatively incomparable.

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