May 30-Jun 2 2010: ISCAS (IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems)

The ISCAS2010 (Paris) this year will include at least two memristive tracks: Memristors and Memristive Systems – From Devices to Applications, and Memristor Fabrication/Experimentation. [Conference Website], [Conference Schedule]. This, of course, is always THE conference to go to, and is always adding the trending topics. This year, its nice to see a whole wearables track.

  • SESSION: Memristors and Memristive Systems – From Devices to Applications
  • Date & Time: Tuesday June 01, 2010 (14:10 – 15:40)
    • Overview, Memristive Devices, Circuits and Systems : Garrett Rose
    • Biologically Self-Assembled Memristive Circuit Elements : Nathaniel Cady, Magnus Bergkvist, Nicholas Fahrenkopf, Phillip Rice…
    • FPGA Based on Integration of Memristors and CMOS Devices : Wei Wang, Tom T. Jing, Brian Butcher
    • Hybrid CMOS/Memristor Circuits : Dmitri Strukov, Duncan Stewart, Julien Borghetti, X. Li, Matthew Pi…
    • Memristive Transfer Matrices for Analog Electronics : Blaise Mouttet
  • SESSION: Memristor Fabrication/Experimentation Session
  • Date & Time: Monday May 31, 2010 (09:30 – 11:00)
    • Formation and Annihilation of Cu Conductive Filament in the Nonpolar Resistive Switching Cu/ZrO2:Cu/Pt ReRAM : Ming Liu, Qi Liu, Shibing Long, Weihua Guan
    • Organic Memristors, Basic Principles : Victor Erokhin
    • Memristive Devices Fabricated with Silicon Nanowire Schottky Barrier Transistors : Davide Sacchetto, Haykel Ben-Jamaa, Sandro Carrara, Giovanni De Micheli
    • Si Memristive Devices Applied to Memory and Neuromorphic Circuits : Sung Hyun Jo, Kuk-Hwan Kim, Ting Chang, Siddharth Gaba, Wei Lu
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