HP: One Nanoimprint Lithography Fabrication of Memristive Cross-Point Arrays

chip The HP Labs team continues to experiment and refine their TiO2 fabrication techniques… Nanoletters has a new paper out by Qiangfei Xia, J. Joshua Yang, Wei Wu, Xuema Li and R. Stanley Williams on fabricating TiO2 crosspoint memristor arrays using selfaligned one step nanoimprint lithography:

[the] process simultaneously patterns the bottom electrode, switching material film and the top electrode. Since this process does not require overlay alignment, the fabrication complexity is greatly reduced and the throughput is significantly increased. […] With this technique, we fabricated arrays of TiO2-based memristive devices (junction area 100 nm by 100 nm) that did not require electrical forming and were operated with nanoampere currents.

They state the process reduces contamination and thus improves the critical control interfaces. Full article at ACS.

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